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Harmony School Management Software
Bringing Your School Together

Web Enabled!
Parents, Teachers, and Administrators can access Harmony from anywhere!

Real-time Information!
Data entered in Harmony is immediately available to parents; attendance, grades, discipline.

Imagine communicating with 80% of your parents EVERY DAY!
With Harmony's e-mail features you can e-mail anouncements, progress reports, report cards, discipline encounters, visits to the nurse's office, and more.

Automate Tasks!
Automatically create discipline notices, attendance letters, late payment notices. Send e-mail or letters to an entire class, grade or student body.

"Keep it simple" - The most important thing to remember when designing software. If it's not easy to use, it won't be used.

Excellent Support!
Our business is built on customer service. We will work with your school every step of the way to ensure the software works for you, not the other way around.

Integrated lesson plans, homework agenda, and standards based reports give parents the ability to keep up with their student's progress.

State Reports!
All the Indiana DOE reports are included in Harmony, any new reports or changes in layout are automatically updated. Data for these reports is collected naturally as you complete forms in Harmony. The reports are pre-validated to reduce errors when you submit them to the DOE.

Harmony can accomodate all types of schedules, grading scales, attendance policies. Profiles allow you to set up your preferences. Harmony can be tailor-fit to your school's needs.

Harmony is a robust and flexible application that allows you to easily access all aspects of the studentís education as well as many of the day-to-day functions of the school.† The result is a comprehensive database that suits all of your needs: from entering student demographic information to approving leave requests.† † By integrating all functions of your school, staff will notice a decrease in the amount redundant work performed as well as time spent performing routine duties.† By bringing all aspects of your school together, rather than just containing "student information", Harmony will greatly improve the overall efficiency of your school, allowing your personnel to do what they do best- provide a quality education for students.
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